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Plastic Memories Episode 4 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 25.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Tsukasa and Isla are sent to deal a case with a child raised by an android. Later, they find out a way to get the child's memories with his parents not to be a lie.

Wow, each episode so far are just emotional in a positive or negative way. Anyway, the plot was quite interesting and they revealed more details about children being raised by androids along with Michiru's background. Also it was nice to see Tsukasa and Isla's relationship getting much better than before. Now will Tsukasa and Isla be able to encounter the Black Market scammers on the next episode? Overall, an awesome child getting raised by android case.

Conclusion: An awesome child getting raised by android case.

Owari no Seraph Episode 4 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 25.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Mikaela's present and past gets revealed. Meanwhile, Yuichiro is working towards for his Cursed Gear and meets a rival.

It kinda sucks to see Mikaela being forced to become a vampire along with the introduction of the Vampire Queen. Also Yuichiro seems to be awesome in certain situations. Other than that, I wonder when Mikaela and Yuchiro will encounter each other. Now will our male lead get his gear along with his new rival? Overall, interesting details about Mikaela revealed and some new characters introduced.

Conclusion: Interesting details about Mikaela revealed and some new characters introduced.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Episode 14 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 24.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Ryoma is angry about Koro-sensei. Later, he got a assassination plan in place.

So it's interesting to see the spotlight going for Ryoma this time but I still don't like him that much. Also the action was pretty cool and how Karma makes a plan. Other than that, I wonder if there will be another classmate being focused on. Now what's going to the be the next plot? Overall, more details about Ryoma and cool action.

Conclusion: More details about Ryoma and cool action.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Episode 4 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 24.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Bell goes shopping for new armor along with a friend. Later, a supporter joins him.

Whoa, that was a really cool heart warming episode. It was nice to see Bell getting new armor along with his friend. Also the new character introduced is pretty cool and how Bell's kindness affected the supporter near the end. Other than that, I can't wait to see Bell keep getting better and not being quite alone during a dungeon run this time. Overall, a cool new character introduced and heart warming ending.

Conclusion: A cool new character introduced and heart warming ending.

Etotama Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 23.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Takeru discovers Nya-tan's new home out of the blue and discusses about it. Later, Chu-tan appears to threaten Nya-tan.

So Nya-tan seems to be obviously dumb but due to that, random events can trigger easily for our male lead which is hilarious. Also it was cool to see a bit more details on the current plot. Other than that, the near ending was kinda sad. Now what will Nya-tan do about Chu-tan? Overall, more hilarious random moments.

Conclusion: More hilarious random moments.

Triage X Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 22.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Black Label encounters a mysterious assassin while doing their mission. Later, some of the members gather intel about the assassin and drugs.

First off, I recently found out why this series is definitely comparable with High School of the Dead because it's by the same author named Shouji Sato (佐藤ショウジ) who wanted to make up for High School of the Dead's hiatus. Anyway, the mysterious assassin seems to be a rival of Black Label. Also the drug plot is pretty interesting. Now will Black Label be able to stop the assassin and the drug case at the same time? Overall, interesting plot build up.

Conclusion: Interesting plot build up.

No One But You Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Posted by SparkNorkx on 21.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

No One But You is on Kickstarter. The game is a dating visual novel about a boy named Hideaki who discovers hidden secrets. Currently the developers has reached $1,650 out of their $1,300 goal with 25 days left for their stretch goals. For more details and some nice perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here's a trailer.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unwonted/no-one-but-you

Official Website: http://unwontedstudios.com/

Yoshitsugu Matsuako (SAO's Kirito) is Everywhere!

Posted by SparkNorkx on 20.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

For some strange reason, Yoshitsugu Matsuako (松岡 禎丞) is in almost every recent anime as a main character ever since he made his popular debut in Sword Art Online as Kirito. The main problem about that is his voice makes certain main male characters sound like "Kirito" or "Sword Art Online-fied".

Bell from Dungeon (left) and Souma from Shokugeki no Souma (right)

As an example in this season's Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Daro ka? (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?), he makes the male lead (Bell Cranel) sound like Kirito himself besides having actual similarities like being solo adventurers and speed style (which I mentioned on my episodic impressions). Also he's the male lead (Souma) in another current season's anime called Shokugeki no Souma and makes that character sound like Kirito as well, somewhat.

However I'll applause Yoshitsugu for not controlling his voice to be similar as Kirito's (or at least I haven't noticed it) in other anime as the male lead in No Game No Life, Absolute Duo and perhaps more. Now as for my conclusion, will Yoshitsugu Matsuako get the main male characters in certain anime throughout the anime industry as "Kirito generic" over time?

Show By Rock!! Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 19.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Plasmagica competes in a battle of the bands for the their first time. Meanwhile, Cyan comes up with a plan but has a hard time to tell her band.

Seeing the band going their practice and Cyan getting bonded was interesting. Also the band battle and is pretty cool to watch along with listening to their songs. Other than that, I wonder when Cyan and Moa will reveal that they're from another world to the band. Now what's going to be the next concert? Overall, an awesome first band battle.

Conclusion: An awesome first band battle.

Plastic Memories Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 18.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Tsukasa moves into Isla's apartment. Later, he attempts to get Isla's attention in the apartment.

So seeing Tsukasa moving in the Isla's apartment and trying to get her attention was pretty enjoyable to watch. Also there were a bunch of hilarious attempts that our male lead did. Other than that, there's some more details about Isla's personality which is nice. Now what's going to be the next case that our main duo will work on? Overall, hilarious apartment plot.

Conclusion: Hilarious apartment plot.

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