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Absolute Duo Episode 4 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 26.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Tooru and his friends talk to the headmaster about their instructor and then a transfer student showed up. Later, Tooru hangs out with Julie in the mall.

So it's cool to see some details about the teacher and why she's teaching. Also I enjoyed seeing Tooru and Julie getting their relationship better. However the transfer student might become a problem. Now how will Tooru deal with the new character? Overall, more details about Rito and new character introduced.

Conclusion: More interesting details about Rito and a new character introduced.

Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles Movie Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 26.2015 Movies   comment   0 trackback

A few days ago, I got a DVD and watched a movie called Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles. The story is about a Bushido fighter going on a journey in Japan to fight against the masters one by one and then tells his tale to his master.

First off, as a martial arts movie fan and a retired martial arts student, I'll have to say this movie is quite cheesy but awesome. The story starts basic but gets stranger and stranger. However, it knows that and doesn't takes itself seriously by making up the entertainment value with some comedy and fantastic action (unlike other cheesy martial arts movies who think they're blockbusters). For the battles, they have a variety of battle styles from fists, weapons and more which was great.

Chinese martial arts vs Japanese martial arts? Sweet!

Also the movie showed some nice Japanese cultural stuff from places to food but there's some fiction like certain settings. Now for the characters themselves, their personalities are interesting along with some of their back stories revealed which is a bit surprising. But the only downside I didn't like too much was the ending. So if you like martial art movies or Japan itself, I highly recommend you to watch this. In conclusion, cool cheesy movie and fantastic action.

Conclusion: Cool cheesy movie and fantastic action.

Note: There's a scene after the credits.

Game Status - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS (MH4U Countdown!)

Posted by SparkNorkx on 25.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

Last week, I was finally able to get the international version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite/Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G for iOS and also to play during the countdown of the Western release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/Monster Hunter 4G (and New 3DS XL) next month. The first game that got me playing was Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii (online multiplayer has been currently dead) and then I quit long time ago because of being busy. My hunter was in the Lagiacrus Armor and using a greatsword.

Anyway, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS is pretty good so far along with the graphics but seems to be somewhat harder than Monster Hunter Tri.

Starting off with my adventure...

As for online multiplayer, it's nice just like Tri but using chat (Lobi system) is a bit awkward and most players don't use it most of the time. Communication is mostly gestures/emotes and pinging on the map which is fine. Also the touch controls are pretty good and better than most iOS games I've played. Other than that, I'll post more about this game later if I progress much further.

I got my first armor and greatwsword.

Dog Days 3 Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 24.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Shinku and his allies fight against the demon invaders and look for their leader. Meanwhile, the kingdoms' armies are struggling.

Shinku and the other heroes using their crystal always amuses me for some reason since second season. Anyway. the action was great but I was slightly disappointed that this demon plot wasn't really major and ended in just one episode. Also it was cool to see Nanami use her crystal for the first time and look much older. Other than that, will there be more war games as usual? Overall, awesome action episode.

Conclusion: Awesome action episode.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Released on Steam

Posted by SparkNorkx on 24.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

Recently, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds got released on Steam. The game is an arcade style fighter but has no online multiplayer. Current special -20% off release price is $9.59 or ¥1128.41 until January 30. For more details, check out the store page. Here's the trailer.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/329490/

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 23.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, a new mysterious transfer student showed up. Later, Koro Sensei has to deal with him.

Whoa, Koro Sensei is just awesome and probably is the best teacher in an anime I had ever seen. Anyway, it was cool to see a new character introduced. Also there's some more nice battles. Now what's going to be the next plot? I definitely can't wait to see. Overall, cool new character introduced and more battles.

Conclusion: Cool new character introduced and more battles.

iOS Game Impression - Bravely Archive D's report

Posted by SparkNorkx on 22.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

Bravely Archive D's report is a new recent released RPG based from Bravely Default. The game is actually quite similar to Grand Blue Fantasy (which also happens to be created by one of the former creators of Final Fantasy and has similar art style). But I find this game way better because it's not browser based, better UI, combat system, animation and much more. Anyway, you basically manage your party and gain characters/items/levels and fight enemies, and participate in special zones/events like in usual RPG games for mobile.

My party.

However, what makes this game a bit more unique is pretty much the music, soundtrack, combat system and it's based on Bravely Default. As for the combat system itself, there's a cool feature that allows you to tap a character and slide it to the skill you want to use. In conclusion, an awesome RPG game and has some interesting features.

I'll probably post more about it along with other games I'm currently playing (and also you can check out my Twitter for game feed/status).

Conclusion: An awesome RPG and has some interesting features.

Note: Available in the Japanese app store.

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Tokyo Ghoul 2 Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 22.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Ken and the Aogiri Tree rescues a ghoul. Meanwhile, Ken's friends and allies are going on with their lives but wonder what Ken is up to.

Ken looked pretty cool while hanging around with Aogiri Tree's leader. Also there's more cool action and more details on what's going on. Anyway, it seems our male lead will encounter new enemies real soon. Will he be able to fight them? Overall, cool action and more details on the main plot.

Conclusion: Cool action and more details on the main plot.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Episode 3 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 21.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Mio is having doubts about Basara. Meanwhile, more demons appeared to target Mio.

So Maria is taking things too far again as usual. Anyway, there's more details about Mio which was nice. Also it's cool to see Basara form his defensive plans. Now will Basara be able to survive a demon attack on the next episode? Overall, more cool details about Mio and some action.

Conclusion: More cool details about Mio and some action.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 15 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 21.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Shinichi, Migi and the private investigator encounters another parasite. Later, Shinichi gets targeted by a new parasite.

The main plot is just getting really intense and complicated. It's cool that there's more action. Also I liked seeing our male lead trying to get a clear goal in mind. Now will Shinichi and Migi be able to defeat the new parasite on the next episode? I can't wait to find out as usual. Overall, cool action and details about the protagonist's goals.

Conclusion: Cool action and details about the protagonist's goals.