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Princess Evangile on Steam

Posted by SparkNorkx on 30.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

Princess Evangile has been recently released on Steam. The game is a visual novel about a lone boy in a prestigious girls' academy. Current special 10% off release price is $31.49 or ¥3783.11 until April 3. For more details, check out the store page. Here's the opening.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/344630/

Manga Gamer: http://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=117

Note: Steam version is the censored version. Uncensored version can be bought on Manga Gamer.

Dog Days 3 Episode 12 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 28.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Verde lays down in defeat. Later, Shinku and his group say their farewells.

Aw, too bad another season of Dog Days is coming to a close. Anyway, the finale was cool just like the previous ones. Also it was nice to see a bit more bondage between the old and new characters. Other than that, as I mentioned before, this season is great because they basically revealed more about the world and more new adventures. Now will there be a fourth season coming? Overall, another nice season finale.

Conclusion: Another nice season finale.

Isuca Episode 10 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 27.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Sakuya and Shinichiro continues their fight against Isuca. Meanwhile, the others fight the demon snake.

So the ending was actually not bad. It was cool to see Sakuya's and Shinichiro's bond got much stronger which gave them an edge against Isuca. Also the other characters got pretty good. Now will there be a second season coming soon? I really do hope so especially since Sakuya's quest isn't over. Overall, cool ending and action.

Conclusion: Cool ending and action.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Episode 11 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 27.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, a new transfer student shows up and claims to be Koro-sensei's brother. Later,the transfer student challenges Koro-sensei for a duel.

The new transfer student actually seems to be quite powerful which is nice. Also they revealed some more details about him along with Koro-sensei himself. Other than that, the action was fantastic to see and it's quite different compared to the previous fights. Now will Koro-sensei be able to take care of the transfer student? Overall, a cool new character introduced and some intense action.

Conclusion: A cool new character introduced and some intense action.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 Episode 12 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 26.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Ken meets Hide in the cafe. Meanwhile, the battle's aftermath is shown.

So the ending was tragic and sad to see. Also I didn't like that they left the ending a bit too cut off. But hopefully there will be a third season coming up and explains what happened to Ken at the end. Besides that, I'm just a bit puzzled after watching the finale. Overall, a decent finale.

Conclusion: A decent finale.

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 24 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 25.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Migi says goodbye to Shinichi. Later, Shinichi starts to live his normal life and hangs out with Satomi.

Wow, I wasn't expecting this type of ending especially for a dark horror series like this. It's just awesome and quite heat warming to see Shinichi and Satomi being finally together. Although Migi saying his goodbyes was kinda sad. Other than that, the final plot was fantastic. I had a blast watching this horror series to the end and is probably one of the best anime for this season. Overall, an awesome heart warming finale.

Conclusion: A great heart warming finale.

Akatsuki no Yona Episode 24 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 24.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Yona and her party found the Yellow Dragon. Later, they visit the priest once again to find out about their plans.

Whoa, the finale is awesome. I liked how they did another build up for future plots in a possible second season. Also the Yellow Dragon seems to be cool. Other than that, I really do hope that there will be a second season coming up and especially since this season went for 24 episodes. Overall, an awesome finale and another new character introduced.

Conclusion: An awesome finale and another new character introduced.

Absolute Duo Episode 12 Final Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 23.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Tor and Julie fights their final battle against K.

So the finale was decent I guess. It was pretty much all action and both sides were making comebacks or counters. Although Tor's and Julie's bond improved greatly since the previous episodes which was quite interesting. Other than that, I wonder if there's going to be a second season? Overall, a decent action finale.

Conclusion: A decent action finale.

Game Status - Got a PlayStation Vita...

Posted by SparkNorkx on 22.2015 Games   comment   0 trackback

So a few weeks ago (and in case you're wondering I haven't been posting about other content much), I got a PlayStation Vita Slim especially for the PlayStation Vita Birthday sale and my Birthday instead of getting the New Nintendo 3DS. I surprisingly find it to be quite awesome and more satisfying than my Nintendo 3DS. Graphic-wise, the console is great and is definitely way better than on smart phones as usual along with the 3DS itself. Anyway, the games I currently have and started out with is:

Sword Art Online: Hallow Fragment
Freedom Wars
Gravity Rush
Monster Monpiece
Gundam Breakers
Destiny of Spirits
Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
Phantasy Star Nova

Other than that, if you want to play with me or something, feel free to add me which is SparkNorkx. I'll be posting about the Vita games later on besides other games like iOS games.

Dog Days 3 Episode 11 Impression

Posted by SparkNorkx on 21.2015 Anime   comment   0 trackback

On this episode, Aria's past on how the start whale's threat started got revealed. Later, the Shinku and the others fight against the mysterious demon boy and his minions.

The past being revealed was pretty interesting and explains on why the plot got started. Also I knew that demon boy is really somewhat stupid. Other than that, I hope Aria will fully recover. Now will the demon boy have something up in his sleeves or is he fully defeated? Overall, interesting past details about the current plot and more action.

Conclusion:Interesting past details about the current plot and more action.

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