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Mani Joa's Korean Poké Ball Impression 

My Pichu plushie and Pikachu badge/pin next to the Korean Poke Ball.During my Thanksgiving trip, I was able to find this Korean Poké Ball at the mall. It's created by a company called Mani Joa. However unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about Korean stuff, language text and other things. As for my opinion about the Korean Poké Ball, it's actually not bad and the quality is somewhat decent ...
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Pokemon Shuffle Short Status - Grinding for Latias 

So recently and when the Latias event on Pokemon Shuffle for Nintendo 3DS started, I grinded for Latias. Then I finally caught him on Stage 13 which is sweet.But when I reached Stage 23 while I was going for his Mega Stone (rewarded on Stage 50), his HP got way too large for my team all of a sudden. Anyway, the difficulty spike is kinda lame. I'll probably have to somehow get my team to a much h...
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