Blog War Chronicle Web Novel - Chapter 8 Release

Chapter 8 got released. It will cover some of the alternative world's background. Feel free to check it out.Also, I'll probably mainly do chapters weekly (one per week) instead of every singly day. I'm kinda busy blogging and doing other things. Read Chapter 8: of Contents:

Blog War Chronicle Web Novel - More Chapter Releases

A bit late for an update, but Blog War Chronicles Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 got released a few weeks ago. Also, I'll be trying to release more chapters around this week. Stay tuned. Feel free to check my Twitter for the latest released chapters. Read:

Blog War Chronicle Web Novel - Chapter 1 & 2 Release

Blog War Chronicle Chapters 1 & 2 are released. As for Chapter 2 itself, it's a bit longer.If you like the series or want to help support, please rate the web novel on Syosetu. It's located at the bottom on any latest chapter. You don't need a Syosetu account to rate. 文法・文章評価 = Grammar and Text Evaluation物語(ストーリー)評価 = Story Rating As for 感想を書く (Impressions), you don't have...

Blog War Chronicle Web Novel - Prologue Release

I've started a new different web novel series featuring blog mascot Leilani Hikaru. This will be her actual background story as well. Here's the synopsis.In an alternative modern world, a multi-billion international corporation called TECH CHU created a blog ranking technology that allows bloggers from around the world to generate their own blog’s mascot. These mascots called Blogroids fight again...

Fountain Hero Web Novel - Chapter 7 & 8 Release + Changes

Fountain Hero Web Novel Chapter 5 & 6 is released. Also, I have decided to make some changes. Since most stories usually have the main character wielding a sword, Exo will be using a sling instead - just to have some uniqueness. In other words, he'll be a somewhat underdog Spell Slinger class (sling and spell caster) instead of a Spell Blade (sword and spell caster) class. Here's a picture of a ...

Fountain Hero Web Novel - Chapter 5 & 6 Release

Fountain Hero Web Novel Chapter 5 & 6 is released. Also, there's an extra Chapter 5.5 - based on a different character's point of view.Special thanks to my professor, Prologue and Chapter 1 got better update fixes. I think they're final now (unless getting published somehow). As for the other chapters, they'll receive more fixes later on. Read:

Fountain Hero Web Novel - Chapter 3 & 4 Release

Fountain Hero Web Novel Chapter 3 & 4 is released. Also, there was fix updates for the previous chapters on some grammar and formatting errors.As for more chapter releases. I'll be currently uploading a chapter per day.Read:

Fountain Hero Web Novel - Prologue and Chapter 1 Release

In case you're wondering on why I haven't been updating the blog regularly much, it's because I'll be starting to focus on writing web novels. My first on-going fantasy series is called Fountain Hero. Here's the summary.28 year old Exo Higa is a website designer living a quiet normal life in Okinawa, Japan. One day, he took a short nap during his computer work at home and got summoned to an altern...