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Real Maid Impression 

I randomly found and read a manga series called Real Maid which is about robot maids serving their masters. So the series starts off with a normal guy who somehow found a mysterious website selling "robot maids". He then ordered one and a package came over with instructions on how to assemble your own robot maid. But he had to wait for another package to fully complete his maid. Soon after, the ma...
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DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything Impression 

DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything is a manhwa (Korean version of manga) about what if life becomes a game. So the story is about a high school boy who encountered another boy who happens to have special skills and nice looks. Then eventually he found out about a mysterious object called "dice". Dice can do a lot of things for improving the user's stats that ranges from looks, strengths, agili...
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Black★Rock Shooter Innocent Soul Impression 

Black Rock Shooter Innocent Soul manga is an alternative universe of the Black Rock Shooter series. In this universe, the alternative Black Rock Shooter known as Rock is in a place called Threshold which is between Heaven and Earth. Her objective is to cleanse the souls who are wandering around the Threshold. Her code name is Black Shooter 01451 in the Black Rock Army. It’s kinda ironic, right?Roc...
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Brody's Ghost Book 1 & 2 Review 

A few days, I was able to buy a original English language (OEL) manga series book called Brody’s Ghost at a book fair and it has two books in one which only exclusive in the book fair for ten bucks (USD). That was an awesome deal by the way. Anyway, the author is Mark Crilley who is also the creator of popular OEL manga four part book series called Miki Falls. The story takes place at a Japanese c...
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