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Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles Movie Impression 

A few days ago, I got a DVD and watched a movie called Bushido Man: Seven Deadly Battles. The story is about a Bushido fighter going on a journey in Japan to fight against the masters one by one and then tells his tale to his master. First off, as a martial arts movie fan and a retired martial arts student, I'll have to say this movie is quite cheesy but awesome. The story starts basic but gets st...
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Ninja Masters (2013) Movie Review 

I got a DVD movie called Ninja Masters in the store because the title and cover looks appealing. Guess what, the movie is a very horrible movie. In fact, there's no ninjas involved whatsoever (as you can see why there's a no ninja sign above the review) or any Japanese. It's basically about a forgettable typical Chinese heroine (her name is not worth mentioning) that's a Martial Artist instructor ...
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The Secret World of Arrietty Theater Impression 

Recently today (which was minutes ago before I posted this post), I was able to watch this movie (even though it was released around in 2009). But, as expected, there were a bunch of people that didn't even know that the movie is an anime and there were also little children (luckily, they weren't a bother).Anyway, The Secret World of Arrietty was so cool. The story is basically about a boy that di...
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The Secret World of Arrietty Launched in US Theaters! 

The Secret World of Arrietty has been launched today in US theaters from the Walt Disney Company. Here's the trailer....
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Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Movie Impression 

I'm so excited! The movie finally came out after it hit theaters in Japan! First of all, the OP is very cool. It showed the origin of how Hayate came to his current life and perhaps give nice flashback memories to the fans. Now, this movie is just plain very awesome I have to say. It's not just because I'm a big Hayate no Gotoku/Hayate the Combat Butler fan; it's because the movie itself is not ch...
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