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Otaku Speed Dating Event in New York (+ Exclusive Promo Code) 

Need a romantic partner who is an otaku/anime fan or geek/gamer? Check out the Otaku Speed Dating. A service hosting speed dating events in New York City. They charge $35 for ten speed dates in one hour. Otaku Speed Dating is offering an exclusive deal for Supaku Blog readers. For $5 off discount, use promo code "SUPAKU" when you buy a ticket at http://otakuspeeddating.com/tickets. Code is on...
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Freedom Snacks Subscription Box Impression 

A family runned online store based in Japan called Freedom Japanese Market offers an interesting Japanese snack box subscription service. They basically send boxes of Japanese snacks monthly to you and are personally handpicked based on the current season. Shipping is free worldwide and you can cancel the subscription anytime without fees or penalties. So the store contacted and offered me a free ...
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Megami Engage! Quest Pre-Registration 

Megami Engage! Quest is a coming soon game for iOS and Android based from the original web browser version. The game is a battle card game featuring a lot of characters from popular different visual novels like CLANNAD, Ever17, Tayutama, The Devil On G-String, Little Busters and much more. It will be a world wide release around Summer 2014.The pre-registration event will earn you two chances. The ...
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American Kitsune: A Fox's Love Coming Soon (and Some Thoughts) 

American Kitsune: A Fox's Love is an upcoming Western novel series written by Brandon Varnell. The story is about a high school boy named Kevin who somehow encountered and met a female Kitsune (a fox shape-shifting humanoid) named Lilian. Part one will be released on March 15, 2014 and once out, the book will be available for sale on Amazon as paperback or eBook. So the author provided me a sample...
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HabitRPG Game Impression 

So I recently found an interesting free to play game called HabitRPG. It's basically a to do list on steroids as an RPG or treating your life like an RPG game. The game works by you simply insert a task that you need to do in real life depending on the category you insert it to (which are Habits, Dailies and To-Dos that gets explained in-game). Then once you completed each task that you inserted, ...
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Sentou Gakuen Game Developer Interview 

Hello everyone, I interviewed a Developer from Sentou Gakuen who goes by the name of Vendo. If you don't know what the game is, it is simply the first visual novel with MMO (massive multiplayer online)elements that you can play on your browser without having to download anything. This game was created by an indie developer team based in Indonesia called the PST Team. You can register and play the...
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