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Favorite OP Songs for Summer Season 2012 

Summer season for the latest anime is almost over and this Fall season is coming up soon. Before it's really over, here are some of my favorite OP/opening songs for Summer 2012. Note that they're not in order. Sword Art Online OP (Crossing Field)Okay, for some reason, I'm just quite addicted to this OP and especially the full version. This band is also the same one that brought you some songs for ...
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Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 11 Impression 

Wow, just wow... This episode is very dark and I'm kinda shocked. So our future protagonist (Monkey)'s small army faces head on with the enemy to try to delay them until Oda's main forces fall back. But fortunately, a lot of action is involved and including more conflicts showing up.Besides mentioning the action, I notice and just like how the creators got the conflicts complicated every time the ...
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Sword Art Online Episode 11 Impression 

Oh my, this is definitely important for a side story which I had been waiting for! So we have Kirito and Asuna have a nice time out inside the house and have a play-like date in certain places. Also, there is a mysterious little girl named Yui introduced that I was waiting for to show up. Due to me ahead in the story, she is an important character (especially on other ALO and this gun online game ...
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Campione! Episode 11 Impression 

Hello everyone, it has been quite a while since my last episodic post. But fortunately, I still kept watching the anime on my watch list.Before getting fully started - I heard the main protagonist's voice and it sounded quite similar to Kirito. I then did some research and surprisingly, it's exactly the same actor that played both voices. It's quite an interesting fact indeed. Anyway, back on topi...
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