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Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 21 Impression 

On this episode, the Twin Star Exorcists start their new lives along with their friends. Later, they meet a mysterious little girl.So seeing our main duo start their new fresh lives is pretty interesting change development and Mayura getting involved with them. Also the action was decent but not that intense. Other than that, the new little girl character they introduced isn't mentioned as one of ...
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Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 20 Impression 

On this episode, Benio uses her new power against Yuuto. Later, Rokuro continues his fight. So it was quite hilarious to see Benio get a new power and Yuuto being shocked by that since he kept beating her up. Also Rokuro revealed even more abilities that weren't shown in the previous fights. Other than that, the battle concluded and was fantastic but almost felt like the finale. However, fortunate...
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Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 19 Impression 

On this episode, Rokuro and Benio fights against Yuuto. Meanwhile, Kamui observes the battle. So this fight is surprisingly way better than the previous battles against Yuuto. Also they revealed Yuuto's true power and Benio getting a new power after a very dark twist. Other than that, I wonder why Kamui didn't bother interfering with Yuuto but did something near the end of the episode. Now what's ...
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Taboo Tattoo Episode 7 Impression 

On this episode, Seigi and the US forces begin their operation against a place controlled by the Kingdom. Later, the Brahman forces does a heavy counter attack.Jeez, I didn't think Siegi would be that deep in stupidity during the battle and somehow still lacks awareness of a war going on. Although it was cool to see our male lead get something coming due to his dumb actions. Other than that, there...
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Taboo Tattoo Episode 6 Impression 

On this episode, Blackstone introduces himself to Seigi. Later, he brings Seigi with him to teach some lessons of being a hero. So Blackstone seems to be one of the coolest characters introduced in this series. His personality is heroic and it's nice to see him start mentoring our male lead. Also there's some more interesting revealed details about Blackstone. Other than that, I hope Seigi can get...
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Taboo Tattoo Episode 5 Impression 

On this episode, Izzy continues her rescue mission to save Lisa. Meanwhile, Seigi and Toko joins the fight against a different foe.The tatoo action was pretty intense and nice. Also they revealed specific abilities on each tatoo which is interesting. Other than that, Seigi seems to be getting better and I hope he finds his true goal real soon. Now what's going to be the next plot and will Seigi be...
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