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#Compass: Battle Providence Analysis System Gameplay 

#Compass: Battle Providence Analysis System is an online 3 vs 3 player team arena and is Niconico's mobile game project in collaboration with NHN PlayArt. The objective is to capture and control nodes (in other words, domination mode) while fighting against the enemy team with cards. I've been having fun playing the game since its launch but I'm unfortunately not that active playing (also, I would...
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Blog Update: Contact Information and Promotion 

This is a short blog update notice that I recently changed my contact information section and promotional terms. Basically, you can directly email me instead of filling out a contact form that was located at the bottom of the site.So if you're interested to request a promotion or something else, feel free to contact me. The past promotions can be found here.Contact Information: http://sparknorkx.b...
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