Carnival Phantasm: Ex Season Episode 1 Impression


Okay, I was browsing for updates until I finally saw "Carnival Phantasm" surprisingly again but this time it has a "Ex Season" on the name with it. I then first looked the OP and guess what, it's the same as the other one and the ED. So I thought "Isn't this suppose to be over since the OVA DVD release?". Anyway, I didn't really care but this is not just a "short". For the first time, it is actually a full episode of random goodness (including fan service) that is a total of 20 minutes and 15 seconds. I guess the creators are trying out something in their sleeves. Once again, I was laughing and got the jokes like the previous ones and of course we will see Lancer getting teased like usual.

Conclusion: Interesting full episode of random goodness (including fan service).
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Seeing Karen slapped Lancer with dollars bill was enough for me. And of course, Bazette fan-service ^^

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