Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Episode 4 Impression


On this episode, a mysterious killer named Twenty Faces is killing other criminals. Meanwhile, Kobayashi gets a temporary badge.

Um, why are producers making Kobayashi do girly poses and other things? The tease is getting way too awkward or too much abuse just because he's "mistaken to be a girl". Also to make matters worse, Hashiba blushes about it and our male lead is actually voiced by an actress named Rie Takahashi/高橋 李依 (Captain Earth, Aikatsu!, etc.). I even wonder if that was the novel author's intentions.

Other than my complaint, the case was quite interesting. It was nice to see a new character introduced and one of the criminals making a reappearance. Also the ending was quite shocking when they revealed something about Twenty Faces. Now what will the police do with the killer? Overall, interesting vigilante case and shocking end.

Conclusion: Interesting vigilante case and shocking end.
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