Chu Feng: B.E.E Episode 1 Impression


Chu Feng: B.E.E is a Chinese anime based from a popular web comic in China and has Japanese dubbing. The setting is about a group of geniuses who created Vanguards that are new advance weapons. On this episode, Shun Hao Xuan hangs out it in a mall and later gets raided by a terrorist group.

First off, I never got the chance to look into the Chinese web comics but this Chinese anime adoption got me quite interested. It simply got me mind blown. Anyway, the introduction pacing was just fantastic. Also they introduced a terrorist plot at an interesting time. Other than that, the opening is great and you should really check it out. Now what's going to happen to our male lead on the next episode? Overall, fantastic introduction and action.

Conclusion: Fantastic introduction and action.

Here's the opening:

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