Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode 10 Impression


On this episode, Rory interferes with with the enemy squads' fight. Later, Itami's group makes a plan to escape back to the fantasy world.

Once again, I got slightly disappointed on another part they altered with. It's the ending after Rory's fight scene and I find that scene that they cut off to be kinda important (will explain at major spoiler which is hidden white text that you highlight). Anyway, the action scene was great to watch just like in the manga. Also it was cool to see the group escape to the fantasy world. Other than that, I'll be looking forward for their next adventure in the fantasy world. Overall, cool action scene for Rory and escape.

Conclusion: Cool action scene for Rory and escape.

SPOILER (Highlight): In the original story, after the fight scene, Rory was suppose to have her bullets removed by Itami in the bathroom and then gets lectured by him. In the anime, they took it out and instead have her magically get the bullets out of her. I'm disappointed...
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