Hidan no Aria AA Episode 1 Impession


Hidan no Aria AA is a spin-off of Aria The Scarlet Ammo about a weak girl seeking to follow Aria's footsteps. On this episode, the weak girl goes on her daily life. Meanwhile, Aria is on a mission.

Wow, it has been way too long for another anime of the Aria The Scarlet Ammo series since 2011. I almost barely remember about it. Anyway, the introduction to this spin-off was just lame. The new weak protagonist girl seems to be generic and I don't find anything interesting about her. Although some of the action scenes for Aria was cool as usual and it was nice to see a small glimpse of Kinji who is the male lead of the main series. Other than that, I'll give this spin-off a shot since I have been kinda waiting for another Aria the Scarlet Ammo anime. Overall, cool action and somewhat lame introduction.

Conclusion: Cool action and somewhat lame introduction.
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