Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Demo Thoughts


On the weekend, Nintendo enabled online multplayer for the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes demo. They did a schedule from 5pm to 10pm for each day during the weekend. Anyway, I was able to participate and it kinda felt like beta access (or Nintendo is secretly stress testing their server).

The gameplay was pretty cool and filled my doubts about the negatively thoughts or rumors from people I heard. When I started off, I got matched with some cool teams and we were able to conquer all three dungeons available on the demo. However there were some people I encountered who didn't know what do but they fortunately figured it out. Although it would have been nice to have a ping system or something that allows you to draw on the map to tell those confused players on what to do aside from voice chat.


As for trolling or at least for me, there were surprisingly no trolls (who purposely throw people to pits and other bad actions). Also even if there was trolling, Nintendo revealed there will be a Black List available which will allow you to block those bad players off. If you really want to kill/troll players for fun, you might as well go to the Colosseum.

Other than that, I was kinda hoping there would be dungeon rotations for each day but the demo stayed with only three dungeons. So in conclusion, I'll definitely buy a copy this week on release date.
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