Mani Joa's Korean Poké Ball Impression

My Pichu plushie and Pikachu badge/pin next to the Korean Poke Ball.

During my Thanksgiving trip, I was able to find this Korean Poké Ball at the mall. It's created by a company called Mani Joa. However unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about Korean stuff, language text and other things.

As for my opinion about the Korean Poké Ball, it's actually not bad and the quality is somewhat decent since it's made in Korea . Inside it, it includes two random Pokemon figurines and four stickers along with a slip revealing which figurines you can collect. Here are some pictures.

Wrapped Poke Ball photo taken during trip.

The two Pokemon figurines.

Side view of the two Pokemon figurines along with a slip.


Overall, the Poké Ball is not bad and is a nice addition to my collection. It's definitely worth the $5.00/ ¥616.48.

Conclusion: Decent quality Poké Ball.

Note: I'll probably post about other Pokemon items I recently got as well.
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