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Inu x Boku SS Episode 1 Impression


Whoa, what is this? Combat butler protecting his master because of a personal debt? That sounds like Hayate no Gotoku! This series is just very interesting. First, the comedy element is sweet. For the characters, they are nicely active and the action is quite decent. I don't really have any complaints here. But, the story is not much. So overall, this series looks good so far.

Conclusion: Cool series.

Personal Note: I'm currently busy.
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I was planning to watch this. If its like Hayate The Combat Butler then I'll definitely catch it!

2012/01/13 (Fri) 04:00 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Very nice post, very informative.

2012/01/16 (Mon) 16:02 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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