Black★Rock Shooter Episode 2 Impression


Oh sweet, for once; I actually got fond of the "slice of life" part besides the Otherworld part showing Black Rock Shooter doing the action. This episode was just plain intense. Also, the characters' acting was very dramatic and I liked it. Though, this is still the "average" anime you would usually see. But, this is just getting way better to make the OVA itself more of a joke every time when a episode comes out. The Black Rock Shooter anime is indeed becoming "special" and hopefully at this rate, this series will not disappoint the Black Rock Shooter fans like myself. Overall, next episode please!

Conclusion: Love the action and the "slice of life" part can get really dramatic or intense surprisingly.
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Name - DarrenW  

Title - WWHC AMB Author

I like how you always put "Conclusion" telling readers what's what. :D
Btw I'm writing the review for this as well. XD

2012.02.15 Wed 06:49
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