Overwatch Open Beta Short Thoughts


For the past few days (and on why I didn't do any weekly posts), I played a lot of Overwatch open beta. It's just way too fun and got me busy even though progression got wiped. In comparison with Team Fortress 2 (390+ hours of play), the balance seems to be better and there's abilities/ultimates (similar to MOBA) you can use.

An example is comparing the healers Mercy (Overwatch) and Medic (TF2) since they're similar on heal shooting. Mercy has much better interesting abilities and can fly to her ally (and resurrect them) unlike the Medic who can only make one ally invincible. Anyway, the open beta got me definitely pre-purchase it and I definitely can't wait for the release date. I'll post a full impression on the game later on.

Note: I was playing Overwatch today until it got closed late on 12pm PDT. But was suppose to close on 10am PDT.
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