Hundred Episode 8 Impression


On this episode, the Little Garden Slayers start their mission on eliminating the Savages at the lake area, Later, they encountered some serious problems.

Okay, I'm getting annoyed that Emilia still insists she's a "guy" and keeps her female gender as a secret from public for no actual reason (aside from tricking Hayato even though her gender got revealed already). If you compare her to Charlotte from the Infinite Stratos series, she at least reveals her female gender to the public once she got found out by Ichika. Also Claudia is kinda getting on my nerves but I do hope she can reveal Emilia's pointless gender secret to the public. Other than that, the action was decent as usual. Now what's going to happen next on the current mission? Overall, decent mission start and some annoying events.

Conclusion: Decent mission start and some annoying Claudia moments.
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