Moretsu Pirates Episode 6 Impression


Whoa, I thought this anime was going to be quite generic like you would see in other pirate anime but it wasn't at all since the first episode. Before I get started (and this is my first post about it), I love the unique OP! There is like about 7 styles in the opening. I just want to mention that out.

Now, on this episode, we get to see our Captain Heroine go on her very first pirate mission. From there, there's a bunch of comedy scenes and action. If I have to compare her to Fam (from Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam), she is way better. Besides all that, the characters are great and lively. I also like how the creators plan this story so far. The episodes are just keep getting better and better. And oh, did I mention that there is nothing "echii" whatsoever so far? Overall, even though I'm not truly fond of pirates, this anime is just one of those few exceptions.

Conclusion: This anime is awesome and can't wait for the next one.
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Author, WWHC AMB

Wow, better than Fam and no ECCHI??
Gotta check that out. :D


I meant the difference between the characters not between the anime.

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