Masou Gakuen HxH Hentai Episode 1 Impression (Dropped)


Masou Gakuen HxH is about mecha girls fighting against invaders from another world. On this episode, Kizuna gets enrolled to a school.

What the heck did I watch? I'm definitely into the echii genre but this anime is nothing like those at all. It's basically hentai (a.ka. anime porn) with censorship on a lot of certain body parts. Also the story seems to be way too generic and dull just like all hentai anime. Why do I even know that? I saw some hentai anime back then out of curiosity and simply don't like them (in other words, I'm just not into porn stuff). Anyway, I'm surprised on how this anime got categorized with the regular anime. Overall, how did this hentai anime get here? Surely dropping this series.

Conclusion: ...How did this hentai anime get here?

Note: I put "Hentai" on the post title to warn people about this series. In comparison with a lot of echii anime and games (like Senran Kagura) I watched or played, this anime is way worse. Also worse than Highschool DxD which I despise.
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