How To Successfully Play Pokemon GO On iPod Touch


Need to know how to successfully play Pokemon GO on the iPod Touch (specifically Generation 6) or want one of the cheapest alternatives without needing to upgrade your iPhone? Here's how you do it.

What you'll need:

iPod Touch 6 (iPod Touch Generation 5 might work and perhaps tablets)

A mobile device that can host personal Wi-Fi (an example is iPhone 4S)

To get prepared for the long run:

Power Bank (can be any amount of them or quality depending on your budget)

Two charge cables (one cable for your iPod Touch and one for your other mobile device)

A bag (anything you have or comfortble with for carrying your equipment/stuff)

Once you have those, you can simply turn on the personal Wi-Fi on your mobile device and have the iPhone Touch piggy back on it (or use it in simple terms). The iPod Touch can accurately GPS pinpoint your location with the Wi-Fi mobile device's help without the need of a GPS chip. When the batteries get low, you can simply store the personal Wi-Fi device in your bag while it charges plugged in the power bank. Fortunately, the iPod Touch 6 (or at least mine) charges fast.

If you don't have a device with personal Wi-Fi, you can rely on hot spots with free Wi-Fi (but of course you'll be limited to certain areas).

If you do get the "GPS signal not found." error, the best current quick method is to pull down the tab. After it's pulled down, pull it back up and PokemonGO will refresh your location. Here is an example.


From my current experience, I've been having a blast with just using an iPod Touch 6 and having it use my iPhone 4S's 4G. Don't forget the Wi-Fi connection depends on your location/service or if the Pokemon GO servers crashes. 
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