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Supaku Blog (supakuスパーク is another word for spark in Japanese) is a blog dedicated to spark interests for readers who like anime and games but don't have much time on their hands or simply readers who like anime and games. Most daily content are short to read with an exception of heavy thoughts or reviews. The blog was founded on September 29, 2011 but technically on a much older date due to the old Spark Blog.

Here is what the blog will feature:

Anime - Anime reviews and other related things.

Manga - Some Manga reviews and other related things.

Games - Video game reviews and other related things.

Movies - Some Movie reviews and related things.

Culture and Travel - Traveling reviews and other related things along with culture.

Personal - Status or Updates

Events - Contests, Giveaways, etc. mentioned.

Promotions - Check the Contact section for details if you want me to promote something.

Types of Posts

Impressions - Short thoughts (mostly on the latest anime episodes) with no ratings. In other words, just opinions that are not considered reviews without ratings.

Reviews - Full reviews about anything with ratings.

Updates - Well, updates or news about anything that caught our eyes or about myself.

Twitter - Updates and extra content. Mostly Japanese language focused.

Note: All posts will be posted randomly and there is no exact schedule. But they will be posted daily.
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