Sousei no Onmyouji Episode 37 Impression


On this episode, the Twelve Guardians discover an evil spell circle created by Kuranashi. Meanwhile, the Twin Stars continue on with their daily lives after their previous fight.

It's cool to see the Twelve Guardians discover Kuranashi's grand scheme and gets into action again. However, the Twin Stars are oblivious and not doing a thing about it yet while the Guardians try to solve the new problem themselves. I would have liked the Guardians getting the Twin Stars involved already instead of letting them have their usual peaceful lives since there are no other Exorcists around especially.

The producers probably wanted a more darker twist or something. Other than that, I hope the Twin Stars will get involved on the next episode and won't be that weak. Now what's going to happen next? Overall, a decent grand dark scheme build up.

Conclusion: A decent grand dark scheme build up.
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