#Compass: Battle Providence Analysis System Gameplay


#Compass: Battle Providence Analysis System is an online 3 vs 3 player team arena and is Niconico's mobile game project in collaboration with NHN PlayArt. The objective is to capture and control nodes (in other words, domination mode) while fighting against the enemy team with cards.

I've been having fun playing the game since its launch but I'm unfortunately not that active playing (also, I would have been in the high tier ranked games by now if I was active). Anyway, I mainly use a magical girl ranged hero named Lycrica and basically kill people with a cool mostly maxed out UR/SR deck I formed. The deck build just really works well with her due to card range attack skills and healing for long survivability. Other than that, the Vocaloid battlefield music is nice (plus, the bot announcer that you hear in NicoNico JP videos/live streams) and playing the running hero mini game while waiting to be matched. Here's my gameplay.

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