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Black★Rock Shooter Episode 4 Impression


...Wow, more slice of life focus but there's a bunch of "mental issues". This is just somewhat another filler with hardly any action just like the previous episode. Unfortunately, more and more anime reviewers are starting to drop this series since episode 3. Though, I have not much to say because it got me quite bored and the story of Black Rock Shooter's other self is getting freaky. Perhaps the OVA movie will be way better at this rate and I might have spoke too soon. Overall, I'm going to continue to follow this series besides my morale going down.

Conclusion: Another boring filler with mental issues and hardly any action. I'm quite disappointed.
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You mean slice of life? I think you made a typo there. Slice of slice. :P
Well it isn't really slice of life kind of anime, it's more like melodramatic kind of anime. This episode really turns me off. I didn't signed of this over the top melodramatic kind of anime. I wish they could stay with the original OVA kind of way. :(

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Lol, fixed.

The series is just getting messed up somewhat. =/

2012/02/24 (Fri) 06:31 | EDIT | REPLY |   



There's only 8 episodes in the whole season and we're already half way through! What are they thinking! Sigh...

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