Kid Icarus Anime: Medusa's Revenge Impression


Medusa's Revenge is another anime short clip episode exclusive for Nintendo Video or for Nintendo 3DS and is produced by Studio 4°C. They're the same studio that brought you an OVA, Halo: Legends - "The Babysitter" episode and some American cartoon shows by the way. Now, this short clip episode basically follows the past between how Palutena and Pit met with and how they battle Medusa in the beginning with only "one part". So, there's basically not much details through a 2 minute clip. I'm slightly disappointed but the neat positive thing is that the graphics/style is not recycled like Thanatos Rising. Also, I noticed that the short story is "dark" and is not really aimed for children unlike Thanatos Rising (once again). Overall, this short clip episode is not that bad and I'll be waiting for the next ones.

Conclusion: Slightly disappointed but it's way better than Thanatos Rising even though it's only a "one part clip episode".

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