Accel World Episode 1 Impression


Okay, I used to follow the manga when it first came. So I kinda knew some of the story but I wasn't expecting an anime coming out from it. Anyway, this episode actually followed the manga on the exact events and introduces what is going on here. The characters are okay and the setting is not bad just like the manga. But, the down side is that I don't like the protagonist being "fat" but then again, I guess the creators did it to make him unique in the series. Overall, not much to say besides so far so good.

Conclusion: Intro is not bad and is just like in the manga.
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Name - Rei  

Title - タイトル

The animation is nice and the fat guy isn't. Quite weird why a popular girl like her likes him. Maybe she just pity him or something.

2012.04.08 Sun 09:23
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Name - SparkNorkx  

Title - タイトル

Yeah, she could be.

2012.04.08 Sun 09:35
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