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Fate/Zero Season 2 Episode 1 Impression


Whoa, the new OP and ED is not bad. Anyway, this episode should have been the finale for season one, I think. The episode is just entirely action packed with lots of dark twists and turns. I just liked how the characters played their roles against the mysterious monster that keeps regenerating. Also, the "Holy Grail War" is surprisingly on hold thanks to that monster summoned by Caster. Besides that, the graphics are still nice like usual and the pacing is still balanced. So, so far, I don't see any big mess up that the creators left up. At any rate, Fate/Zero first and second seasons is going to beat Fate Stay Night quite easily if there is no mess up.

Conclusion: Action packed and not bad. Can't wait for the next episode.
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The only problem is Lancer was left out in this episode. But everything was cool especially the OP and of course BERSERKER!

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That OP segment with Iris is heart-strucking...:(

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I accidentally deleted Marth's comment and my response to it by the way when he talked about the OP. xD

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