Busy again... (Part 5)


If you had been following my blog and didn't see that I didn't post anything, you might have known that I'm having a lot of things going on once again. First, let me talk about the computer that I'm using currently (and that I tweeted about it on Twitter about days ago). I got it on reset recently but unfortunately, it crashed again. So however, this will keep me delayed until next week perhaps. Also, another thing is I was going out doing stuff and much more. But, the best good news of all out of my all "busy-ness" is that I recently got my Black Rock Shooter plushie inside a store and that's all it matters, right?... Anyway, once again, I'll post up next week (probably).
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Well hope you get your computer sorted so that you wont have any problems in the future :)


Hope your computer can working in near future ^^V


It's not the only computer... That's why I said I'll probably post next week. ^^;

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