Haiyoru! Nyarauko-san Episode 2 Impression


Err... Okay, this episode was very quite funny. We actually get to see our "heroine" show her actual "power" which is actually cool looking. But we unfortunately don't get to see new candidates for the series just yet. So the adventure starts off with the two stars going out in search of this "mysterious organization" and eliminate whoever is responsible. The conflict was not bad and it was pretty much just "minor". But then again, the episode was pretty much "predictable" near the end and there were random things that I didn't expect much. Though, the relationship between the protagonist and the heroine got better. Overall, besides all these random things and this random adventure, I'll be looking forward to the next episode and I'm definitely going to be waiting for those "harem candidates" to show up soon.

Conclusion: So far, so good for an echii anime. Definitely will be waiting for those female candidates to show up soon.
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Name - Fabrice  

Title - タイトル

The first episode was far better. Loads of references though and Nyarlko-chan is the cutest monster.

2012.04.18 Wed 19:18
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Name - Shizuo  

Title - タイトル


(」・ω・)」うー! (/・ω・)/にゃー!

This episode was entertaining

2012.04.18 Wed 21:16
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Name - SparkNorkx  

Title - タイトル

@ Fabrice: Indeed, Nyarlko-chan is too cute... *_*

@ Shizuo: Yeah, it was.

2012.04.18 Wed 22:33
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