Haiyoru! Nyarauko-san Episode 3 Impression


Oh wow, the episode became more random than the previous ones! As a usual turn of events, our cute heroine still chases our protagonist but she gets repelled by him sadly. Besides that, another random villain appeared (who reminds me of Team Rocket from Pokemon somehow and I'm guessing the creators got a inspiration from that) and one of the candidates finally made an appearance for the series. So far in the series, it's just pretty generic but not that bad. The characters are doing good and the plots are once again, just plain "random".

I don't think I'll ever get sick of this series because once again, I did mention that I'm an echii genre fan. There's really nothing I find negative and the series is just cute. Though, I do wonder what the next random plot(s) will be in the next episode and hopefully the creators won't mess up. So overall, cool episode and I'm definitely waiting for the next one.

Conclusion: Nice random plots and a candidate finally makes an appearance.
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I just love Kuuko and her yuri antics. I expect many doujinshis of Nyarko x Kuuko. ^^


but...but...but...how can the protagonist refuse Nyaruko?! :O


Notice the Lupin III parody? This show is definitely random

じ––– っ

Who cares about the plot when you have an excited alien in a hopeless romance, an S with a fork and a firey hot lesbian.

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