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Haiyoru! Nyarauko-san Episode 5 Impression


B-boys love!?!? But wait, I could have sworn that Hastur is an actual girl? I mean she he is so cute and the way he/she acts. I'm so confused...

Anyway, the episode was so funny! So we get a new villain appeared but she kidnapped our hero's mom. Then our group has to go rescue her from that mysterious ugly villain. Besides the plot, Nyaruko is just acting like our epic heroine and still tries to overcome/conquer Mahir (but of course, our hero always neglects her). So far, the characters are doing great and I'm liking the anime even more. Though the small downside is that the series is still too random for me to discuss about but for it being random is a good thing. In conclusion, we get better plots, action and more character development between our hero and the candidates.

Conclusion: Cool plot and more action. Also, Hastur must be a girl...
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Ecchi Catgirl  

じ––– っ

Yes, he is the cutest girl I have ever seen.

So 3 possible combinations:
Nyaruko x Mahiro <--
Kuko x Nyaruko
Hasuta x Mahiro

2012/05/08 (Tue) 19:44 | EDIT | REPLY |   



I wonder how will this turn out...

2012/05/08 (Tue) 20:14 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Hastur must be a girl...Hastur must be a girl...Hastur must be a girl...Hastur must be a girl...Hastur must be a girl...Hastur must be a girl...

I hope repeating it will make it become truth...*_*

2012/05/09 (Wed) 11:38 | EDIT | REPLY |   



That would be awesome! *_*

2012/05/09 (Wed) 11:43 | EDIT | REPLY |   

Nikko Felix  


I really think so that hastur is a girl, this anime must be very cute maybe i should watch it....hehehehe

2012/05/09 (Wed) 22:18 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Eh... Who knows...

2012/05/09 (Wed) 23:20 | EDIT | REPLY |   


Haiyoru! Nyarauko-san Episode. 5

I feel bad for Mahiro, because his first kiss was a guy!!!

Although he looks very cute, but he's still a guy. But, he's cute... agh, confuseddddd :hammer:


2012/05/10 (Thu) 10:45 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Actually, guys usually don't mind much in situations like that because it's CPR. It's technically not Mahiro's first kiss.

2012/05/10 (Thu) 11:59 | EDIT | REPLY |   



the consensus is "Hastur can't be a girl"! :P

2012/05/10 (Thu) 13:11 | EDIT | REPLY |   




2012/05/10 (Thu) 14:19 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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