Tari Tari Episode 1 Impression


Whoa, this slice of life anime is not bad even though I'm not into this genre much. So we basically get to see a group of friends doing their usual routines outside and inside school. But for some reason, the creators made the episode sound exciting and I didn't get bored from that surprisingly. Anyway, this series is not bad and it looks like it could end up as the usual slice of life anime you would see everyday.

I will be repeating this once again, I am not into this "pure genre" and there's nothing much for me to discuss or talk about a pure slice of life anime but there may be an exception for this anime and the setting seems to be interesting so far. So overall, I might follow and post about this series (10% chance).

Conclusion: Decent slice of life anime and I might follow it.
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Konatsu is love! There is nothing else to add! :P

Tari Tari Episode 1

Miyamoto so adorable in this episode, Fly... fly... fly...

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