Dog Days 2 Episode 1 Impression


So taking a look for another waited summer anime called Dog Days 2 which is pretty much the continuation where Dog Days left off. I myself was pretty much like thinking "okay, how will this turn out?" when I first heard about the second season. Not just only that, apparently a new director will direct this second season and you know what, the creators just followed exactly how the characters and world setting would be exactly.

I'm pretty much amazed and the first episode introduced more new characters which is pretty neat. Besides that, the graphics itself has been slightly updated as any other anime would do and there's no mess up on that. For the characters, this series might get interesting with new heroes just added. Anyway, overall, I definitely can't wait on how the next episode will turn out and I did like the first season when it first came out.

Conclusion: Cool first episode and the setting is looking good so far.
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Name - phossil  

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I totally loved the first season of the show.

2012.07.11 Wed 08:27
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Name - SparkNorkx  

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Agreed, it was nice.

2012.07.11 Wed 16:53
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