Dead? N-Not really!

So in case you're wondering if whether or not Spark Blog is dead because I haven't posted in a while, you're fortunately wrong (for now). Lately I'm having all these busy things going on like starting a life somehow, getting sick and finally having some gaming time (which I hadn't have for while back then).

Anyway, to get some things catched up, I surprisingly dropped Dog Days 2 because I don't have the time and I somehow got bored from it. As for the other anime, I'm still currently following them and up to date. Here's my quick random thoughts:

Sword Art Online - Why was it doing some side stories from the novel and finally went back on track to the main story? Also, I have a feeling that ALO might show up...

Campione! - Doing good so far for echii anime.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou - Not bad so far.

Other than that, that's pretty much it. If you want to see the latest updates on what I'm up to, just check out my Twitter (in case I don't post for this weekend too).

9/11/12 Update
Sorry again... I'm delayed once again last week due to I'm just plain busy. Once again, feel free to check out my Twitter. And oh, I'm just liking the Sword Art Online anime currently.
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