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Whoa, K looks a promising series. The thing I find very quite funny is those "cleaner bots". They just say hilarious short comments and you should probably pay attention on them in the beginning of the episode.

Other than the bots, the action looks cool and the creators didn't really use those 3D computer generated graphics which is also known as "CG" or any other term you might want to call it. The characters look cool so far but I can't tell who's the good guys and bad guys besides the protagonist because the episode didn't explain anything yet on what's going on. Besides that, the graphics are up to date and seems pretty just like Guilty Crown (I don't like that series by the way). So in conclusion, another anime series that seems to be worth watching this season.

Conclusion: Nice episode so far and can't wait for the next.
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Name - Cholisose  

Title - Cholisose

I thought this was cool, too! The robots also made me laugh. :>

"but I can't tell who's the good guys and bad guys besides the protagonist"

What's funny is that even then, the twist at the end of the ep was that Shiro-kun is supposedly the same guy as the psycho king in the video recording. So it's hard to be certain of anything at this point!

2012.10.04 Thu 20:09
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Name - SparkNorkx  

Title - タイトル

Agreed, the mystery makes things interesting especially on that episode. :D

2012.10.04 Thu 20:23
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