Fate/Zero Episode 4 Impression

Note: This impressions contains spoilers.

Sorry, I'm very late from posting when the episode first came out so this impression will have spoilers. Saber and Lancer battles out each other for the entire episode which is not bad. Eventually, Rider showed up at the end and interfered their battle. It was quite interesting and not boring at all which you should expect. All I liked about this episode is Lancer vs Saber but that battle did happen again on the first season of Fate but the battle on Fate/Zero is a tad different compare to the first season though. Other than that, we see Saber's master (a.k.a... the foster farther of the main protagonist of the first season of Fate if you didn't know) observes the battle between Saber and Lancer with his gun which is I also find interesting for some reason. Overall, this episode is not bad and has the nice same/similar action scenes just like the first season.

Conclusion: Nice action scenes and can't wait for the next episode.
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