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Hello everyone, is this blog at its dying state already just like the rest of other anime blogs? Fortunately, not really (mentioned before)!

It has been a while once again since I last posted my episodic short impression. Although, I'll be taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on episodic impressions every time, I'll just post up on episodes I find interesting (which I was basically doing on my busy days).

Other content I'll be posting up will be ranging from Asian cultural food (I'm cooking/experimenting on), actual reviews (probably) and of course, other updates.

Note: Lately, I'm currently learning on how to cook and that is why I'm mentioning I'll post about some about food. (You can also see the picture at top.)

2nd Note: And oh, 1,000+ followers has been reached on my Twitter. Come join my army and together, we shall dominate the world! Wahaha!
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Hehhh, you start to learn cooking?

western or asian food, Spark?


@SparkNorkx I didn't see it >_<

something wrong with my eyes @_@


post some recipes ,that would be awesome

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