Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day from the Spark Blog!

So I'm just really busy doing things and I recently got a cold... Anyway, I'll be posting up sometime and fortunately, I was able to watch other recent anime that I would love to post about.

To keep you guys busy, here's a cute video.

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Name - Shizuo  

Title - タイトル

Happy Valentine :D

OMG, 10 hours o_O

2013.02.16 Sat 04:53
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Name - SparkNorkx  

Title - タイトル

Yup. ^^

2013.02.16 Sat 11:17
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Name - NyNy  

Title - V-Day / NyNyOnline

I hope you had a really nice Valentine's day! I went to my internship hahaha XD

2013.02.23 Sat 14:09
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