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Gatchaman Crowds Episode 1 Impression

Gatchaman Crowds is about Gatchaman warriors assigned to stop evil aliens that threaten humanity and other things. The series focuses on heroine who becomes one of the Gatchaman.

First of all, I find that main heroine very oblivious and stupid but surprisingly funny or interesting at the same time. Are the creators starting an anti-hero kinda or it's just to confuse people? Anyway, they seem to have a done a great job on that. I rarely see main characters like those in other anime which will probably give this series a unique twist.

Besides our strange heroine, the futuristic setting looks so cool along with the Gachaman in combat suits (quite similar to Tiger and Bunny). Also the combat scenes they do looks alright even though I'm not fondly huge of CG (computer graphics 3D modeling). So other than, this series looks promising and I can't wait for the next one.

Conclusion: An interesting sci-fi action series and definitely waiting for the next.
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I love this anime! Hajime is so funny, adorable, cute, optimistic, and stupid in a good way [:

2013/07/12 (Fri) 15:56 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Highly agree. She's hilarious...

2013/07/12 (Fri) 16:14 | EDIT | REPLY |   



after seeing the 1st ep, I'll pretty sure that Hajime will be one of my fave heroine this season :3
I also love its lively colors and of course the Tiger & Bunny style costumes & fight scenes.

2013/07/14 (Sun) 06:14 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Yeah, it's pretty cool.

2013/07/14 (Sun) 09:01 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Same thought on the Tiger and Bunny aspect (Particularly Sugune's Gatchaman form reminds me of Origami Cyclone)! Though I'd say the whole alternative universe thing reminds me of Accel World more?

2013/07/19 (Fri) 01:49 | EDIT | REPLY |   



I don't exactly agree with you there because Accel World is a virtual reality game world focus. Although armor designs could be similar.

2013/07/19 (Fri) 16:11 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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