Blood Lad Episode 7 Impression

Sweet, another interesting new plot for our protagonist. Staz and his brother basically talks more about the human resurrection while our ghostly heroine soon hangs out with Staz's sister. Then the episode later revealed the new plot.

I find it nice that they're revealing more of Staz's brother's intentions (which is getting darker) and shows more background and personality of the sister. Also I think we're getting close to see the human resurrection but who knows whether it'll happen or not depending on the older brother. So other than that, the episode fills a bit more explaining and sets a new plot.

Conclusion: An interesting filler.
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Name - feal87  

Title - タイトル

I really need to start watching this series. I mean, that girl is cute...:D

2013.08.22 Thu 21:26
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Name - SparkNorkx  

Title - タイトル

Yup, she is. :D

2013.08.22 Thu 22:26
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