Upcoming Anime TV Special - Pokemon The Origin

Spreading the news that there's an upcoming anime TV special called Pokemon The Origin in celebration for Pokemon X and Y. So by the looks of it, will it match with the very first Pokemon season (that I like and grew up with) and aimed at a mature audience because of the graphics? Also will it become a full series or an OVA if demanded by the fans?

Anyway, I'll be definitely looking forward for it and hope it will be like the very first season unlike the new terrible Pokemon anime nowadays (for me at least). Here's the official trailer.

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Oh man! I wish I could watch the trailer for this..but my internet is so terrible it won't allow it. I agree that the anime for Pokémon isn't that great noooow.... XD But I enjoy seeing Pokémon I like in animations. So If this new Origin's is good, I'll definitely enjoy watching it. ^^

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