Kyousougiga (TV) Episode 1 Impression

Kyousougiga was an OVA (I did see the first episode and then dropped it) and then eventually became an actual series, surprisingly. Even though they have the "description" mentioned, I still don't understand this series up to now. Everything is not explained properly (or ever was) and it seems like it's the "random whatever we want to do" with pointless action. If the creators were planning it like that with pointless story telling, they did a fine job or they're plain horrible with no actual clear ideas/goals in mind.

As for the characters, they are all random and you can't really like them nor hate them so far. I guess I'll give them a applause for that? Now I'll have to say that this series is just cheesy and has its own "unique" way. Anyway, the current plot on this episode is suppose to be a "re-cap" and the sad part about it is they didn't explain anything or at least explained it clearly. It's probably one the worst re-caps I had ever seen. Overall, I'll probably look forward to the next episode and see how it will turn out before I make my decision on dropping it.

Conclusion: A strange random OVA that became a full series.
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