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Before you offer, do note that I will NOT promote or advertise for free. Your offer/negotiation must be relating to anime or Japanese culture. Main fee is offering an exclusive deal or a minimum of $5.00/¥500 (via PayPal).

Supaku Blog's main audience is in Japan and United States.

Past promotions can be found here.

Offers will be most likely rejected under these following conditions:
- Offering a trial for me only and no other benefits for Supaku Blog readers.
- Mentioned website does not function or load.
- Fan made music or video.

Partner Requests

Interested to exchange links with the Supaku Blog? Partners/Affiliates will be featured on the front page with their banner on the right side bar. Note that your site must be relating to anime or Japanese culture.

Also, please don't forget to mention your website name and the URL. Japanese language websites are accepted too!




Fan Art

Fan art for the mascot (Leilani Hikaru) is accepted. If you want your fan art featured or promoted on the site, feel free to message along with a link to the artwork.


Like the site? Please feel free to send a feedback or comment. Your feedback is highly valuable.

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