Guilty Crown Episode 4 Impression


Oh... For once, I didn't get exactly bored with this series on the story part at least. They revealed more details about this so called "virus" that came to Earth from space long time ago. It's really not that interesting as it sounds though. I don't really see people "dying" from the virus besides seeing victims in some sort of hospital knocked out or frozen. Now, where are the people actually dying from this so called "virus" in public? That is what I really want to know. The pretty visuals is the only reason why I'm following still this series. But, the action is okay. Is this series still recommendable to watch? Well, it is if you just like the pretty visuals or artwork. (Okay, I admit that the story is improving by an inch on every episode so far.)

Conclusion: Poor story but nice visuals. Action is decent like usual.
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