Daily iOS Game Impression - Lost Yeti


Lost Yeti is a puzzle game about Yeti who is lost.

So thanks to the Starbucks App of The Week card, I was able to discover and download this game for free. First off, this game is just awesome. The graphics has a really nice cute retro aura which is quite similar to games like Nintendo's Kirby series along with the music itself. As for the puzzle difficulty, it's casual and quite relaxing. Although if you want a better challenge, you can collect popsicles and get the least steps as much as possible. Now would I actually buy the game? Yes and I highly recommend it. Overall, awesome cute puzzle game.

Conclusion: Awesome cute puzzle game.

Note: Available in the US and Japanese app stores for $1.99 or ¥200.

Browser Demo Version: http://www.neutronized.com/games/LostYeti/
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