Guilty Crown Episode 6 Impression


I'm usually "positive" for most anime since I'm not exactly a "critic". Though, Shu did seem to be annoying and dumb at first. But, for the first time: he actually didn't act like a dumb annoying peaceful kid near the end of the episode. But then again, the story is still lacking and bad but it was actually decent during this episode. I do admit that it is somehow how improving though a little chunk (not an inch anymore like I mentioned on my previous post). The characters and their relationships with each other are also getting better. The conflict was somewhat interesting with those twists and turns in this episode. Also,the action has been pretty much the same but there's really nothing to complain about it.

Overall, the series is getting decent compare to Shakugan no Shana season 3 at the very least. The reason why I think Shakugan no Shana season 3 is still a downer because the protagonist is on the bad side and it's a dark story which I already knew in the manga and I was hoping it wasn't going to be in the anime but it did anyway sadly. I do still watch it (including skipping ahead of certain scenes) but I will not post about it because most likely; I might just "criticize" (which I don't usually do) the same thing over and over. Besides that, I'm kinda starting to like Guilty Crown surprisingly. For now, I'll still be following the series because like again; the pretty graphics.

Conclusion: Shu does not really get annoying or dumb for once in this episode.

Looking Back: I noticed something when I looked back and have to mention this: Okay, if you had seen the previous episode; there was this girl smiling all the time and the camera focused on her some and also at the end part. (She had black hair and was doing something on this tablet thing at the end of episode 5) I thought that minor support character will turn out to be quite important. But... Why did they kill her off at this episode??!!! That is saddening.
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