A Short Response to 3DS Broken Circle Pads (Super Smash Bros 3DS)


So recently, I've been hearing news of players making a big fuss on breaking their circle pads since the global release of Super Smash Bros 3DS and this is my short response to that "issue". By the way, it sounds quite similar to the past "throwing a Wii remote to break a TV screen".

First off, how are they even breaking them? Did they ever play other button smashing games? I never broke my circle pad for years and I've spent a lot of hours on button smashing games like Dead or Alive Dimensions, Project x Zone, Kid Icarus Uprising, Heroes of Ruin and much more. They clearly don't take decent care of their consoles and it's definitely 100% their fault.

Now after playing hours on Super Smash Bros 3DS, the controls are actually quite similar to the fighting games I've played. There's no issues and if you're worrying about breaking your circle pad but never broke a console, then you should ignore the stories and simply move on. However the coming soon New 3DS system seems to be a nice upgrade. Anyway, in conclusion, the broken circle pad players are a huge embarrassment for handheld gamers or shouldn't be called handheld gamers.
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